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"Shenzi," Banzai whispered in the sleepy hyena's ear. But she didn't wake up. "Oh, Sheeeenziiii," he said. She didn't move. "Shenzi, wake up!" Banzai said a little louder, shaking her on her chest. She still didn't wake up. So Banzai tried other loud things, like yelling in her ear and crashing cymbals. But nothing worked. Banzai slapped his forehead. 'Never mind.' He thought. He started to walk away when he got an idea.

Smirking, he walked back to Shenzi and sat above her head. "Shenzi!" He whispered in her ear again. She didn't move. So Banzai stuck out one of his fingers, and started lightly scritching at her neck with his claw. Shenzi smiled and rose up her shoulders. But Banzai didn't stop there. He started using all his claws to continue tickling Shenzi. Then she started giggling. Banzai's smile got bigger as he watched Shenzi cover her mouth with her paws to muffle her laughter. Banzai then decided to tickle her somewhere else.

Smiling, he sat on her legs and and put his paw on her chest, not hard enough to hurt her, just so she couldn't escape the oncoming torture. Then he started tickling her left side with one of his claws.

"Pbthehehehehe!" Shenzi giggled harder than before. Smirking, Banzai then started tickling Shenzi on her stomach, which is her weak spot. "EEAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" She laughed. Banzai didn't stop there. He took his paw off her chest and used it to tickle her right side with his claws. That drove the once-sleepy Shenzi bonkers. "AAHAHAHAHAHAHA STAHAHAHAHAHAP!!" she laughed/begged. But Banzai didn't stop there.

"Yo, Lou! Wanna have some fun with me?" He called out.

"Sure!" A voice responded. Then Lou came over to where Banzai and Shenzi were.

"Why are you sitting on Shenzi?" He asked.

"Tryin' to wake her up." said Banzai.

"How's sitting on her gonna wake her up?" said Lou, confused.

"I'm ticklin' her to wake her up," said Banzai.

"So why are you sitting on her legs?" said Lou. Banzai squeezed his eyes shut, frustrated.

"I'm sitting on her legs, so she can't escape!" he said.

"OH, OK, I get it." said Lou.

"Ya gonna help me or not?" said Banzai.

"Yah, OK." Lou said. Then he sat above Shenzi's head and started tickling her neck with his claws.

"EEEKAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OHOHOK I'M AWAHAHAHAHAHAKE!" Shenzi laughed. The boys stopped tickling her as she got up and headed towards the dining room. Then Shenzi noticed that the two boys were gone.

"Banzai? Lou?" said Shenzi. There was no answer. Creeped out, Shenzi just sat on the floor, waiting for her breakfast. Little did she know, Lou and Banzai were creeping up behind her. Then Banzai stuck out one of his fingers and poked her on her side. "EEK!" Shenzi screeched, causing Bud, Giggles, and Ed to jump. "Guys!" said Shenzi.

"Yes, Shenz?" Banzai said innocently.

"Why'd you do that?" Shenzi demanded.

"What do you mean?" Lou said innocently.

"I told you guys to stop!"

"Stop what?" said Banzai. "This?" Then he poked her side again.

"EEK! Yes that!" said Shenzi, shielding her stomach and sides with her arms.

"Aww, ya don't wike that??" Banzai teased as he started poking her ribs repeatedly. Shenzi started smiling and squeezing her eyes shut.

"Stop that!" she squeaked as Banzai continued to poke her. Having some fun, Banzai started doing it faster. Shenzi squeaked again as  she covered her mouth with her paws, which was a big mistake. Realizing what she did, Banzai, while smiling bigger, and started poking her stomach and sides. Shenzi's cheeks started turning pink and tears formed in her squeezed-shut eyes. "Eepehehehehehehe!" She giggled. Banzai stopped poking her and sat in front of her.

At that time, Shenzi decided to have a little revenge. She was about to poke Banzai on his side, when he turned around. Shenzi quickly pulled her paw back just in time. Still suspicious, Banzai turned back to facing forward. Then Shenzi quickly started tickling his neck with one of his claws. Banzai rose up his shoulders, smiled and squeezed his eyes shut, but he didn't laugh, not so much as snicker. Shenzi decided to just give up and mind her own business, so she just stopped and acted casual. So when Banzai turned around to her, he didn't know that she did it. Shenzi smirked, happy that she got revenge... sort of.
Poor Shenzi, huh? XD
fallout345 Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Glad ya like it. XD
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